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Eureka-Goodfield Fire Protection District's EMS Division is a full-time paid service, Proudly providing coverage to Eureka-Goodfield Fire Protection District, Secor Fire Protection District,Congerville Rural Fire Protection District,and to Carle Eureka Hospital.We provide Paramedic response to 911 calls in a 130 square mile area, intercept with outlying ambulances that have patients needing advanced procedures or medications, and transport critically ill and injured patients to specialized facilities in both Peoria and Bloomington/Normal.

We have a strong commitment to our employees, patients and the community. Eureka-Goodfield EMS Division employs approximately 30 people, including Pre-Hospital RN's, Paramedics, EMT-Intermediates and Basics. Additional staff coverage is provided by cross-trained volunteer Fire Division EMR's, EMT's and Paramedics.  All staff members are highly trained, motivated and dedicated professionals. Paramedics and EMT's maintain skill levels by continuing education, both in the classroom and in practical settings. The five (5) ambulances maintained by EGFPD are equipped with state of the art medical equipment, giving us the ability to provide the best medical care possible.

Eureka-Goodfield EMS is a proud member of the Peoria Area EMS Agency operated under the direction of Dr. Matthew Jackson, MD. A copy of current protocols can be found at

We would like to thank you for visiting our web site and please feel free to contact us with any comments or concerns.


Management Team
Randy Wolfe


Randy Wolfe serves as the District's EMS Division Chief and brings a host of clinical and administrative experience in the pre-hospital care industry.  He began his EMS Career in 1978 working for Ludwig Ambulance in Morton initially as a field EMT.Chief Wolfe had a fulfilling career with the East Peoria Fire Department,starting out as one of the founding members of its ambulance service, retiring in 2011 after 32 years of service. His 45 years in the pre-hospital arena has allowed him to expand his knowledge in the field.  His experience in both ground and flight medicine provide a well rounded outlook on the EMS industry.  In addition to his administrative responsibilities, he continues to work as both a ground & Flight Paramedic to stay abreast of latest medical trends.                

Diane Close
Scott Rossman

Lead Medic

Diane Close serves as the District's Lead Medic and brings a host of clinical and administrative experience in the pre-hospital environment.Diane began her career working as a Emergency Room Tech and shortly after acquired her Emergency Medical Technician license in 1991. She immediately moved to the pre-hospital field after receiving her license with AMT Peoria. Diane continued her education, obtaining her EMT-Intermediate and Paramedic certification's. She continued onto her Critical Care Medic certification and soon was promoted to Lead Medic Supervisor in Peoria. While at AMT, Diane was an active member of the Boat, Bike and Segway specialty teams.

Diane has many years service to both Limestone and Peoria Heights volunteer Fire Departments. She became a full-time member of our district in August of 2012 and has served as the EMS divisions QI/QC adminsrator.

Scott Rossman

Scott Rossman serves as the district's EMS Training officer.

Scott began his EMS career as a Paramedic with the Peoria Heights Fire Department Ambulance Service and then with Fulton County EMA before coming to EGFPD in 2012.

                  EGFPD BOARD of TRUSTEES:

  •  Gina Greene             Trustee

  •  Pete Zobrist              Trustee

  •  Nick Agnew             Board President

  •  Craig Baner              Trustee 

  • Cody Hirstein             Trustee

  •  Krista Swanson               Administration Assistant

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