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Application form

Click the PDF image above to download the application for employment.

After you have completed all fields please attach all current certifications and copy of drivers license. Print the Application for Employment and sign where applicable. Feel free to include your resume. To apply, either submit via e-mail to: or send the Application for Employment in a manila envelope to the following address:

Eureka-Goodfield Fire Protection District

211 N. Main St.
Eureka, Ill 61530
Office: 309-467-6181

The people who work at Eureka-Goodfield FPD EMS are committed to a career in healthcare because they understand that providing the best patient care is a lifestyle, not a job.

At EGFPDEMS, we’re looking for people who want to be leaders in EMS and make a difference in pre-hospital care.

We invest in our people, and offer them the best resources available. In turn, we expect absolute commitment to our EMS mission and the highest standards of professionalism each day our field providers are called to serve.

We believe that our most important assets are our front line field providers and staff. Our commitment to providing superior EMS and patient care starts with these exceptional individuals, and is supported by all of our efforts to continuously improve.

Eureka-Goodfield Fire Protection District needs volunteers! Being a volunteer Emergency Responder is about on thing, it's not about what you look like, what degree you have or where you come from, Its about heart. 
If you've got the heart to serve your community in a way that few can, you've got everything we need.
Stop by the Eureka station to pick up an application today.

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